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How to Get Points?

  • 5

    - Submit Order Feedback
  • 50

    - First time you subscribe to Newsletter
    - Post Reviews with Videos for purchase items
  • 10

    - Register to be a member of Gearbest
    - Post Text Reviews for purchased items
  • 70

    Post Reviews with Photos and Videos for purchased items
  • 20

    - First time you upload your Profile Picture in "My Account"
    - Post Reviews with Photos for purchased items
  • 50

    Recommended videos on our video community
    Posted one of first 5 reviews bonus
  • ≥ Number of Points:The Cost of Products
    ≤ 10 Points:Post review for product costing under $1
    ≤ 50 Points:Post review for product costing under $5
    ≤ 100 Points:Post review for product costing under $10


1.ALL points must be obtained within the rules and Customer Conduct Code of our Terms & Conditions; Violations will be subject to points reset to 0 and /or suspension of your account.
2. Each time you earn Gearbest points, there is a corresponding validity period, this is typically 180 days (depending on the situation). You can always check this period on your ‘My Points’ page.Note: Gearbest reserves the right to interpret and implement the guidelines as necessary.
3. Points will be added if you submit a review within one month of confirming receipt of the order in your account.

How to Use Points?

1. 50 Points = $1.00
2. You can use points for discount if you have at least 50 points.
3. The discount (from the Points) cannot exceed 30% of the item sub-total cost. (Note: Points cannot be used with Flash Sales, App-Exclusive prices, or Email-Only prices).
4. Coupons cannot be used together with Points to reduce prices.
5. Taking cash from “My Gearbest Wallet” costs 1X Points value. For example: $5 will cost 5 Points.

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2.7 ways to earn you a super saving with Gearbest Points reserves the right to amend these rules and provisions at any time.